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Bloodstone Sterling Silver Tree of life pendant
Handmade Sterling Silver pendant, made out of solid 925 Sterling Silver wire and 45 Carat high quality Bloodstone.
The silver has been oxidised to accomplish depth and detail of the pendant. 
This piece will suit every taste and it's a unique gift for yourself or the loved ones. 
One of a kind and unique design. 
Stone size : 45 Carat   
Pendant size:  53 mm

Bloodstone tree of life pendant 'Omega'- Yggdrasil -Birthstone

  • Bloodstone was treasured not only as a talisman of good health and long life, but was reputed to bring its owner respect, good fortune, riches and fame. It protected one from deception, helped overcome enemies in battle, and secured victory in court and legal matters. It was also believed to have magical properties with the ability to control the weather by averting lightning, conjuring storms or summoning rain. 
    Wear or carry Bloodstone as an amulet of protection against threats or bullying, whether verbal or physical, and for guidance to withdraw when appropriate and the courage to confront when needed. Sew a small Bloodstone in the coat of a child or teenager who is being bullied. Carry one for strength when adjusting to new circumstances.
    Bloodstone stimulates dreaming and heightens intuition. It is marvelous for increasing creativity and cultivating a project from the idea stage through to actualization. It encourages blessings and prosperity.
    For those who are seriously ill, Bloodstone is an excellent talisman for facing the realities of physical mortality and death. Its powers of strength and courage allow one to look unflinchingly at the truth, even if the illness cannot be cured, and to move forward in the most appropriate ways.